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Confidential Shredding

Document Shredding with Certificate of Destruction.

With identity theft on the increase and companies obligations under the Data Protection Act it has never been more important to destroy confidential data in a safe, secure and environmentally friendly manner.

Ord Storage Services offer companies and individuals a document destruction service in Inverness and throughout the Highlands of Scotland.

Overview of Recycling Services at Ord Storage Services Ltd

Ord Storage Services currently offers a confidential document destruction and recycling service to the North of Scotland. This service not only includes destruction of confidential documents but also includes newspapers, magazines, card and general office paper.

All reusable ring binder folders are kept and stripped of any confidential content to be re-used. Ring binders that cannot be re0-used are destroyed and separated into plastic, cardboard and metal all of which are recycled.

All redundant cardboard is baled and taken away to be recycled.

We now offer a service that allows customers’ sensitive data disks to be destroyed and recycled.

Ord Storage Services is a registered carrier of waste with SEPA Registration Number SCO/045342.


The process used for data destruction is as follows:-

  • Ord Storage Service deliver Sacks or Boxes or Cabinets.
  • Receptors are filled with documentation and sealed by customer.
  • Uplift all data to be destroyed from customer premises and load into our secure delivery vehicle by Ord members of staff.
  • Alternatively data can be delivered to Ord Storage Services premises by the customer.
  • All data to be destroyed is documented and weighed before destruction is carried out.
  • Document Destruction is carried out at Ord Storage Services premises within the main building.
  • Data is destroyed within 24 hours of arrival at Ord premises.
  • Data is shredded to a DIN5 size and is moved by conveyer belt into a large enclosed compactor.
  • Once the compactor is full, it is taken away - all material is recycled into paper and cardboard.
  • A certificate of Destruction is issued to the customer after destruction. It includes what had been destroyed and the weight in kilograms
  • CD Disks and back-up tapes are destroyed by use of a multimedia shredder and plastic is collected for recycling.
  • Shredding of documents can also be witnessed during the destruction.


All confidential information is weighed, a receipt is issued and then all documents are destroyed to tiny particles by our industrial shredding machine.

Once the shredding process is complete a certificate of destruction is issued giving you peace of mind on several fronts: the data has been rendered unreadable, your company has met with the stringent Data Protection Act and fulfills its need to look after the environment.

Industrial Shredder