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    Pallet Storage

    Pallet Storage

    With the ever increasing cost of premises, more and more businesses are looking for ways to store off site. Outsourcing storage is seen as a means to cutting costs, enabling the surplus office/factory space to be used in a more productive and profitable way.

    Our 30,000 square foot warehouse holds upwards of 4,000 standard euro pallets (measuring 1.2mX800cmX1.2m each) which are stored in a secure, temperature controlled environment.

    Our custom built database provides our customers with an up to the minute stock tracking system that gives each pallet its own unique identity number, allowing it to be accessed quickly and delivered the same day if necessary.

    Our staff are fully trained to ensure products are uplifted, stored and delivered in a professional manner using only recommended equipment to guarantee your stock remains in perfect condition.


    Key Feature to pallets storage & Distribution service

    • We received the companies deliveries, check it matched quantities stated on paper work.
    • Email customer inventory of good received with serial numbers
    • Customer emailed weekly stock inventory
    • Pallets ordered by 10am delivered same day
    • Temperature control secure warehouse
    • Competitive rates
    • Optional 24h call out service available


    This is just a brief description on the service we can offer. More details can be obtained by request

    Distribution is also available - Please call for details.

    Pallet storage and management